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Tender for Clothes Supplies

Tender for Clothes Supplies


AJEM “Association Justice and Mercy “is a Lebanese non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organization (NGO) that has been established in 1998 to improve the inhumane detention conditions. AJEM seeks to promote the rights of vulnerable individuals, works to facilitate their social and professional reintegration, by applying the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Within our mission, We are in process of buying Clothes Supplies to ensure and help the population in need in the Lebanese prisons.

Therefore, interested suppliers are cordially invited to bid, taking into consideration the following requests:

Men’s Items                                               Qty / Pc

  • Winter Jogging Suit                            350
  • Summer Jogging Suit                         750
  • T-shirt                                                 1100
  • Tennis Shoes                                       1100
  • Slippers                                                1100
  • Socks                                                    2200
  • Bath Towel                                          1100
  • Boxer                                                    2200
  • Flannel                                                  1100


Women’s Items


  • Winter Jogging Suit                           50
  • Sweatshirt                                           50
  • Summer Jogging Suit                       100
  • T-shirt                                                150
  • Tennis Shoes                                      150
  • Slippers                                               150
  • Socks                                                   300
  • Bath Towel                                         150
  • Underwear                                         300


Note that the order for all items listed above must be kindly divided into four equal periods of time , each one within a range of a couple of months.

The tender documents shall include all of the below, and shall be sent to our offices at Antelias, Aramta center, 5th floor not later than the 17/02/2016 at 3:00 pm.

  1. The tender document stamped and signed.
  2. Commercial Register of the company.
  3. Specification of the product
  4. Sample of the product
  5. Delivery Conditions

Bidding company should provide the documents in a Sealed Envelope with the tender subject mentioned from outside.


For further details, don’t hesitate to contact Rouba Andrea between 9 am and 2 pm

Tel/Fax: 04-410648, 03-146261.

Best Regards

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