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European Union
UNHCR - United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees
OHCHR - Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
AECID - Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation
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Internal Security Forces
AJEM is a member of the World Coalition against the Death Penalty since January 2002
Restart Center - Restart Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture and Violence
Pax Christi International

It is possible to support AJEM’s work in the service of detainees through monetary or in-kind donations. Many individuals have already placed their trust in us and allowed us to reach a part of our objectives.
AJEM organizes a gala dinner every year to fund part of its activities. This dinner is the occasion to happily celebrate the successes of the past year and to thank every person that has contributed to the progress of AJEM. We seize the opportunity to thank our partners and financers in particular.
AJEM has launched an agronomic production project for self-financing. The project aims at the production of ornamental perennial plants that are exported to France, later on, to a local dealer. AJEM owns therefore two pieces of land for the production located in Beirut and in the Lebanese mountains, thus benefiting from different weather conditions which promote a diversification in the production. The main piece of land is of approximately 500 m² and includes 3 large greenhouses. We are pioneers in this area in addition to being, up to this day, the sole exporters (by plane) of perennial plants from Lebanon to Europe.