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Accommodation and social reintegration Center


is a humanitarian non- profit association, being authorized by Decree N°5 : 98 A.D. of the 14th January 1998, to intervene with the prisoners and their families. Since it’s foundation, AJEM is working for the socio professional reintegration of ex- prisoners.


The accommodation and social reintegration Center “ New Start “ Mar Chaaya – Rabieh , aims to improve the situation of transients ex- prisoners, in order to fully restore their citizenship status and to reduce criminal recidivism.


Accompany ex-prisoners without home address and/or in a conflictual situation with their family, on their career path, leading towards social and financial independence.


* Helping ex- prisoners in conceiving a new impetus in order to face every day difficulties and to develop their capacities to handle the actual social complexity

* Supporting ex- prisoners in formulating their life project and helping them realizing it

* Promoting ex- prisoners self- development in order to enable them to accomplish their self realization, notably through integrating pro social behavior patterns.


* Accommodation for a period of a maximum of one year, for the ex- prisoners without any social reference and needing accompaniment in their social reintegration:

o Reviewing the life projects they have drafted during the three last months of their incarceration, with the help of the AJEM team

o Evaluating their medico – psycho – social, vocational and legal needs through the assistance of the multidisciplinary team of the center

o Implementation of the global taking over program in order to achieve individual, social and professional autonomy

o Reconsider and modify their life projects regarding changes occurring during the course of their life time

* Organizing activities for the development of professional competences of the residents

o Learning languages

o Using computer tools

o Writing their own Curriculum Vitae, simulations for job interviews

o Drawing and music lessons as also playful, sporting and cultural activities

o Support groups for the personal development, self- realizing and self- expression through artistic activities

* Temporary emergency accommodation for people without home address, waiting for their soon integration among an adequate institution , responding to their specific needs