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AJEM also organizes a lobbying based on cases and strategically chosen situations of some detainees, as well as movements and demonstrations, in order to urge the State to amend laws and legal texts on different levels. This lobbying also intends to modify the implementation of existing texts for the purpose of changing some practices and making them compliant with the international norms and standards that rule places of freedom deprivation, fair trials and Human Rights.

The legal department was created at the beginning of 1998, when AJEM was founded. It grew strongly to consist nowadays of a group of specialized lawyers who offer their knowledge, experiences and skills to the prisoners’ cause.

The main services offered by the legal department:

1. Free individual legal counseling for prisoners in places of deprivation of freedom.

2. Legal Advice service at the AJEM Reception House for prisoners’ families and loved ones.

3. Awareness-raising about important legal topics and information concerning the issues relevant to the detainees’ needs. These activities take place thanks to the action of groups from outside of the prison.

4. Follow-up on the legal cases and files of the prisoners who can’t hire a lawyer to help them. We defend the prisoners’ rights and plead for them before the different courts.

The work of the AJEM lawyers isn’t limited to legal counseling and prosecution. It also consists of helping the detainees and their families by providing them with the information and the support they need to face their situation. Our legal approach transcends the individual cases in order to reach a global and general level that allows talking about the different problems related to the prison environment and Criminal Justice.

The legal department seeks to cooperate with the different members of the civil society and with national and international organizations, by conducting studies and researches, in addition to attending conferences.