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Educational Service



Offering to all detainees at the Roumieh prison adapted activities that allow them to develop, learn and maintain their physical, social and intellectual abilities (so as to avoid mindlessness and idleness) and to prepare as much as possible for their release from prison (learning languages, trainings).


AJEM has schools within the Roumieh prison. Two of them have been open for a few years in buildings A and C, while the other two are being set up in the buildings B and D.

Language lessons are offered in English (to learn to speak, read and write, at different levels: beginner and intermediate) and in Arabic (to learn to read and write).

Cultural Activities:

Music (piano and guitar), drawing and painting lessons are regularly organized by AJEM at the Roumieh Central Prison.

Prisoners have already done portraits and landscapes in addition to paintings for the celebrations of the end of the year.

Sports Activities:

A professional sports educator offered various sports activities (football, basketball, volleyball…) in the different buildings of the central prison, while sports tournaments were organized among detainees until 2012.

AJEM really hopes to be able to organize such sports activities again, both at prison and with the beneficiaries of the OST program (Opiate Substitution Therapy).